Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nutrition Bars - The Ultimate Convenience Food

Not all nutrition bars are equal. And not all nutrition bars are vegan. But many are. They make for great snacks and convenience meals. I recommend that all vegans (and anyone with dietary restrictions) carry a nutrition bar in their bag or purse for those moments when you can't find a restaurant or don't have time to get a real meal. These things are lifesavers for anyone whose diet is limited.


Jenna Norwood said...

Great idea, Elaine! I love LARABARS. They're raw and vegan and organic, sweetened with dates. You can get them at more & more places lately. I was surprised to find them in major airports. Times are changing!


Jenna Norwood
Producer, Director & "Guinea Pig"
"Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw"

L’il E said...

Yeah, I keep my bars everywhere, in the house, in my bag, in my desk at work. My current fave is the organic food bar vegan variety. Several of their other varieties are also vegan (ignore the honey pictured on that web page I linked to, the vegan one and several others are totally vegan). They definitely are the pinch-hitters of my diet and have saved my fakin' several times.