Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Bean & Chard Soup

I was scanning my email the other day and saw a post from that featured a white bean and spinach soup. I scanned the recipe for a sense of the soup and went to my kitchen.

I didn't have cannelini beans or spinach. Of course I wouldn't have chicken broth. So here's what I did:

Butter Bean and Swiss Chard Soup

* Took my soup saucepan (I guess it would be called "medium" in size) and added water to it, maybe three cups.

* Threw in two vegetable broth cubes (the 2-cup variety).

* Added a teaspoon of minced garlic from a jar in the fridge.

* Rinsed a small bunch of swiss chard, cut off bad parts, sliced the stems off (I usually make an upside down V in the stem to get most of the stem away from the leaves but big deal if you don't). As I cut the stems into small pieces (1/2" each, about) I tossed them into the pot.

* Cut up the chard leaves roughly.

* When the stem pieces had cooked a few minutes (five - eight +/-) and were about done, I tossed in the leaves.

* Rinsed a can of butter beans and tossed into the pot.

* Heated through, making sure the chard leaves were cooked enough to my taste (very short time).

I ate it that way, adding a bit of salt and pepper at the table. Some cayenne would be good, too. An added benefit, to me, was the nice flavoring the butter beans added to the broth that would not have come from cannelini beans.

Yum!! I ate it all, I am a little embarrassed to admit.