Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Vegan Cake Mixes hit the Market

A young couple from the small coastal community of Los Osos, California is taking its vegan awareness to the stores. Jeffrey Bailey and Veronica Rains offer cooking classes in their home, cater special events, and take part in other local events. Recently they have started to create and sell baking mixes at farmers' markets, in some local groceries, and online.

In the last six weeks, Wholesome Chow has sold over 500 mixes, an indication that the small company has found a respectable market for its products. There are good reasons for the popularity of these mixes:

* They are made with high-quality ingredients, including as many local ingredients as possible and healthier sweetening options. Most of the ingredients are organic, none are artificial, and there are no preservatives.
* The packaging is simple and recyclable, a sealed paper bag that reduces waste.
* Instructions are easy to follow
* The baked goods taste good!

Choices include chocolate, vanilla, lavendar, lemon poppy seed, and chai spice cake mixes, and corn bread mix. Gluten-free mixes will follow soon.

Rains and Bailey behind their work.

Bailey and Rains have been vegetarian for over 16 years. Rains has a culinary degree and teaches vegetarian, vegan, and raw food preparation.

The Wholesome Chow website includes more than baking mixes. There are recipes (vegetarian, not all vegan), event details, sample menus, and more.

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