Wednesday, October 21, 2009

L.A. Area Residents: Veg Out!

I have tested a few vegan food delivery services (See posts on Veggie Brothers and BuyKind ). Because I live in an area of small population, I have had to order from other states. Orders arrive in cartons with special cold-packs and the shipping is fairly pricey. The food was good but sometimes the packaging left something to be desired. For those in the greater Los Angeles area, and even beyond to San Diego and Santa Barbara, there is another option: Vegin' Out.

Vegin' Out is a fresh vegan food delivery service. Orders placed by Friday are delivered fresh on Mondays. Beyond the greater L. A. area they are fed-exed and arrive Tuesdays. The basic order will provide nine meals (three of each of three entrees, plus sides and desserts). A double-order saves money. All food is vegan.

The price for a single order is $110, $125 if FedEx is necessary. Cheaper than restaurant delivery but more than home-cooked, of course.

Because of where I live I can't test this out. If I should find myself in Los Angeles for several days and it's convenient, I might get the chance.

As you might imagine, the testimonials include some from well-known stars, like Alicia Silverstone. I would like to hear your experience if you try this or have tried it. Please let us know your experience.

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