Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Convenient Vegan Gifts

Want to give a gift to a vegan? Or how about a vegan gift to anyone? Here are some vegan gift ideas. But since this is Vegan Convenient, all these gifts are pre-made, ready to go, totally convenient:

Vegan Gift Baskets:

Vegan Divine makes some wonderful looking gift baskets. They have a special holiday basket (shown here).
Check out Vegan Divine for more information >>

The Vegan Store has lots of vegan gifts including an assortment of gift baskets. These baskets are pre-made so all you have to do is buy one and have it sent to your special someone.
Check out the Vegan Store for information >>

The Vegan Gift Shop has some baskets as well. One great choice is the cookie basket.
Check out the Vegan Gift Shop for more information >>

Vega*n Magazines:
What's easier than a magazine subscription? They make great gifts both for the giver and the receiver!

Veg News is an excellent veg*n magazine that most vegans, vegetarians, and health conscious people will enjoy. Another good option is Vegetarian Times magazine.

T-shirts, belts, purses, and shoes are good gifts for people you know well. Just be careful and get the right size.

This cute shirt comes from Alternative Outfitters, a vegan boutique.
Check out Alternative Outfitters for more information >>

Matt & Nat is a vegan purse company. They make awesome, beautiful bags. The purse above is from their holiday collection.
Check out Matt & Nat for more information >>

Support a vegan/animal organization:

Buy something from a non-profit.

This heart necklace comes from the PeTA shop.
Check out PeTA's store for more >>

Or you can gift a wine membership from the Humane Society.
Check out the Humane Society for more information >>

These are just some of ideas for convenient vegan gifts. I'm sure you can come up with more ideas...


Michelle said...

Check out http://www.vegetarianshoesandbags.com for great vegan products! Free shipping for orders over $75.00!

Johanna said...

Is Vegetarian Times still using fish products in its recipes? A few years ago they were, & were v. unapologetic about it (I remember some editorial saying basically "most of our readers aren't vegetarian, so why not put fish stuff in our recipes?").

I really like Vegetarian Journal, & not just by comparison; it's a good magazine on its own (it's also vegan, despite the name).

Judith said...

johanna, I subscribed to Veg Times for many years and don't recall ever seeing any sort of fish products in it, or any editorial comment that it didn't matter. I would love to know when that was - it has been a few years since I had it, only because it lapsed. Was that in the last couple of years?

Debbie said...

I doubt Vegetarian Times has ever knowingly used fish products in their recipes. I've been reading it for pretty much as long as they've been in print and I'd remember the uproar that would have ensued if they had.