Friday, August 29, 2008

Convenient Vegan Camping

Being a vegan camper might seem a little daunting if it's your first time doing either. Being vegan is hard enough. Camping is hard enough, so vegan camping must be really hard, right?


It's really pretty simple to stay vegan while camping or stay camping while vegan. Here are just a few resources to get you started. After this, use your imagination (or just use your favorite search engine):

  • TVP (textured vegetable protein) is your friend. Lightweight, high protein, just add hot water and spices. It's great for camping: make tacos, stews, sloppy joes...

  • Peanut butter and __! Bring your PB and jelly, bananas, agave nectar, apples, carrots, celery, or whatever else you like with peanut butter.

  • Oatmeal is lightweight, healthy, and cooks up with just hot water.

  • REI has a vegetarian section in the camp food department. Check it out >>

  • TastyBite makes vegetarian and vegan meals that don't need refrigeration.

  • Fantastic Foods is another brand that offers boxed meals.

  • If you bring a cooler you have more options like veggie burgers and veggie dogs.

  • If you're not packing light you have more options too, like tons of fresh fruit and veggies as well as canned foods or the heavier dried foods like beans.

  • Whatever you can cook over a gas flame you should be able to cook on a barbecue or a camp stove.

  • Whatever you can cook in an electric or gas oven you should be able to cook in a solar oven.

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Anonymous said...

You can build a Fun-panel solar cooker in less than an hour from a cardboard box and a few metres of aluminium foil.

Tom Sponheim
Solar Cookers International