Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wrap parties aren't just for movie makers

Consider having a wrap party after the next football game. Or protest. Or whatever. Or just offer the materials for lunch or dinner.

Displayed here are several ingredients that can be made into wraps: avocados, salsa, sliced bell peppers, sliced tomatoes, sliced baked tofu, hummus, vegan mayo, veggie pate, little greens, and soy chorizo.

The soy chorizo can be cooked up in a few minutes in a saute pan and can be hot or cold. You might like to add refried beans and offer the option of making hot burritos.

This type party lends itself well to a group event, where each person brings one or two ingredients.

To make it even more fun and enjoyable consider taping a list of suggested groupings on the wall near the ingredients. For example, note that these ingredients go well together: hummus, soy chorizo, sliced tomatoes, avocados. For a great list of possibilites with catchy names, take a look at Vegan Express, by Nava Atlas.

Oh, one more advantage: leftovers. These kinds of ingredients move readily into other dishes later.


Elaine Vigneault said...

Soyrizo is really tasty, but if you can't afford it or can't find it, plain old TVP works well. You can buy a pound of TVP for about two bucks. Just add hot water and spices and you've got yourself a ground beef alternative for tacos, wraps, burritos, sloppy joes, etc.

Judith said...

The book 20 Minutes to Dinner has some great recipes for ground sausage that you make yourself. Wonderful starter stuff in that cookbook.