Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Convenient: Web Recipe Search

So, let's say you've got some vegetable - don't ask why - and you're not sure how to cook it. You look it up in some of your cookbooks but none of the recipes look appealing. Or, the recipes that look tasty require additional ingredients you haven't got in your cupboard. So what do you do?

Why, you get online and search the web, that's what.

Check these websites out. They offer custom recipe searches that can help you find the perfect recipe:
  • Vegan Recipe Search - searches a set of specific vegan recipe blogs and websites to find vegan recipes for you
  • Vegan Food - searches a database of recipes from
  • Veg Cooking - PETA's veg*n recipe database
Well, that's enough to get you started. More to come in the future :)

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Nella said...

Nice pic of Baker St station. If you ever pass through there, there is a really cool vegetarian diner called Eat and Two Veg right around the corner.