Friday, April 11, 2008

Making Veganism More Convenient

Here are two resources with suggestions to make veganism more convenient for you:
  • Veganism and (in)convenience - "Don't give up on the whole thing because you mess up a couple of times. You won't be struck down if you forget to check for whey powder until you've eaten half the packet of crisps. But it doesn't mean you might as well go back to your old eating habits! A new vegan who makes a few mistakes is still on track to do a whole lot more good than someone who doesn't even try. Just remember to check the label next time, huh?"
  • 10 Helpful Techniques For Vegans Dealing With NonVegans - "The mistakes nonvegans often make are numerous, too many to list here, but some common misunderstandings are these:
    a) many people still assume fish and poultry is vegetarian, remind them it’s not,
    b) lots of people don’t understand what “dairy” really means and they think butter or yogurt (especially if it’s fatfree) is vegan, remind them that dairy means milk and all milk products,
    c) many people forget about broth, oil/lard, and those other little details, if you think something might contain those items, ask."
PS - Here's a convenient vegan food: a bean and rice burrito.

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