Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saying no to Veggie Brothers

Today I decided to place an order with Veggie Brothers. I noticed that all of the entrees and appetizers are varieties of fake meats. Several were on the order of "hot and spicy chicken wings", however, and I remembered just how tasty such concoctions can be. Not too long ago I ordered some from a vegan Thai restaurant on Melrose in Los Angeles (yes, vegan Thai, and no, I do not know why spicy chicken wings in a Thai restaurant).

The other items for sale include "home cooking" items like mashed potatoes, pasta, veggie chicken noodle soup. What is nice about the Veggie Brothers offerings is that you can order a single serving, a family-size package, or even a "food service" pack. Because I had not tried their food before I chose several single serving items and one family pack (yes, southern fried "chicken"). I looked at the shipping information and did not see any cost information at this point so I went ahead filling out the order.

My total was about $50, which seems a good amount for a trial of this sort. The items are frozen so I knew there would be some expense involved in the shipping, as there is at the other two vegan food delivery services I have tried (Hungry Vegan and BuyKind).

I knew shipping would be more than amazon but I wasn't expecting to be socked with a $50 "special handling" charge on top of the shipping charge. I looked into it and learned that deliveries west of the Mississippi must go by air, which requires the use of dry ice, which is what the extra charge is for.

So curses. I just couldn't justify it for my order. And I don't want to order a huge amount in case I don't like any of it. So I won't be ordering from veggie brothers until they open a plant closer to home.

Now it's up to you! If you live east of the Mississippi and have tried veggie bros or want to, please do! And let us know about your experience.


Arla said...

I just wanted to post a comment about Veggie Brothers. I have tried their food through a friend and I love it. The single serve portion sizes are quite ample, although theoretically one would save more by buying the family sizes. But since we were only trying items for the first time, we went with the single serve portions. Everything we tried so far has been very tasty. The only concern my friend expressed was the shipping costs, which even so are reasonable considering that dry ice and special packaging are used, but still it would be nice if shipping were cheaper.

The food though, is very reasonably priced and they often offer discount coupons through Try veggie brothers all you fellow vegans and even non-vegans, if you can afford the shipping (which is a drawback with any online vegan prepared food service anyway). My friend and I are now awaiting an order from buykind, based on the reviews we have read on this site. So I will soon be able to let you know which service we prefer or should I say, the pros and cons of each, because I believe they are all worthy of our business because it is so refreshing to have as many meatless alternatives out there as possible. Peace and Blessings

Judith said...

Arla, I am so glad you tried it! I just couldn't make it work from where I live but I like the variety of choices they offer. I am happy to hear that the food is good. Thank you for expanding this inquiry into prepared vegan meals.

arla said...

I enjoyed contributing.

Unknown said...

Hi, I don't know if this blog is still active but I just ordered from Veggie Brothers...I live in NY so shipping was a bit cheaper for me. I ran into the same issue with another site that had a Groupon -

They are based in Los Angeles...might be a good option for you. They have a chart regarding shipping which is what made me nearly faint! LOL!

I'm trying out the first of the veggie brothers dishes tonight...hope it is good!

Judith Lautner said...

This blog is still alive but I don't post in it as often as I did before (my fault). I'm happy to hear about another site! I'll look into it!

Alison said...

Hope Gobble Green is good. You'll have to post if you do order from them. I tried the vegan flank steak...not bad, although it was much thinner than I thought it would be. I microwaved it because it was late and I was hungry...wish I had thrown it in a pan just to crisp it up a little. Oh well! Next time! :-)

Blue Mistress said...

I've ordered from Veg Bros before as well and have never had to pay an incredible amount for shipping, although they do require dry ice to ship to my location as well. I have ordered from them many times and am always satisfied. I recommend seeing if a friend or family member may want to go in for an order with you and split costs. I think you'll find it's well worth it!