Friday, January 25, 2008

A simple cabbage salad

I admit openly: I stole this from Mark Bittman. The recipe. He made a video showing how to make this salad, which I watched, and then I made the salad that you see here. Mark Bittman is a video columnist for the New York Times, his vlog (?) is called The Minimalist. A good name, and when I saw the headline - "shredded cabbage" - I thought I might simply link to the video here. Unfortunately, The Minimalist titles feature pictures of animal products being made into food, including sea animals, so I figured it wasn't really appropriate for this blog. BUT the cabbage recipe? Perfect.

Warning: it actually takes a bit over two hours to make this. So don't drag out the head of cabbage right before dinner.

Shred cabbage into a colander. Any kind of cabbage, any way of shredding. I simply sliced it thinly, then quick-chopped those "slices". Took a minute maybe. Add in other hard veggies like carrots if you like.

Sprinkle about three tablespoons of coarse salt on the mix and toss it together.

Let it sit for about two hours, draining into the colander. After two hours, squeeze the mix to let go of additional water.

The mix has shrunk a good bit by now. Put the mix into a bowl. Add some pepper (freshly ground, of course), sprinkle with a bit of olive oil, follow with a light (sherry or rice, for example) vinegar, toss together. And that's it.

This would go well with a veggie burger or other sandwich or some soup and bread. Or any time you just need a little crunch.

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Anonymous said...

Looks good. I have about half a cabbage head in my fridge, and I use it almost exclusively for salads. Thanks for this recipe! Simple is beat. =)